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MAN’s way of working is anchored upon SDG17, where sustainable development is achieved through
multi-stakeholder partnerships. It leverages the experience and core competencies of partners – many of whom don’t usually interact to collectively develop solutions at scale.

MAN’s unique governance structure reflects this
multi-stakeholder approach. Our Co-Chairs – representing the private and civil society sectors – oversee our strategy and operations; our Advisory Council – which includes representatives from international organizations, and the donor community – provides input on ensuring positive societal and environmental outcomes; while our Core Committee – comprising the Co-Chairs, Advisory Council and Working Group leads – drives action on the ground.

Core Committee


  • The Burgundy Hills Company

  • Mercy Corps Myanmar

Advisory Council:

Working Group Leaders:

  • Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

  • Grow Asia

  • Livelihoods and Food Security Trust Fund (LIFT)


  • Yoma Strategic Holdings

  • Agri-Finance: MMFA + Proximity Designs

  • Agri-Inputs: UMG Myanmar Group + Myanmar Awba Group

  • Aquaculture: MFF + MOFEA

  • Coffee: MCA + WinRock International

  • Corn: MCIA + Fresh Studio

  • Horticulture: East West Seed + MFVP

  • Mobile Services & Technical Extension: Greenway Myanmar + Impactterra

  • Pulses & Oilseeds: ICCO Corporation Myanmar+ Pyae Phyo Aung

  • Rice: Mercy Corps + MAPCO

  • Sugar: Wilmar Myanmar + MSMA

  • Tea: Nagar Pyan Tea Enterprise + Burgundy Hills Company

MAN Core Committee Meeting Minutes



Agriculture related investments will continue to be one of the engines of development and prosperity for Myanmar in the foreseeable future. These investments should benefit everyone, and especially those who are still excluded from major markets such as women, and marginalized communities. Collaboration across stakeholder groups and knowledge exchange are at the heart of MAN, so that agriculture can innovate and adapt to future challenges, become resilient and create win-win situations for all.

Leo Roozendaal

Country Director

Mercy Corps Myanmar

MAN Co-Chair

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