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Asia’s growing sugar consumption provides opportunities for Myanmar

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  • Global demand increased by 1.83% annually over the past 10 years 

  • Asia is seen as driving future growth due to rising incomes, population growth and changing dietary patterns

Source: International Sugar Organization

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Myanmar had a vibrant sugar re-export industry, processing imported sugar and re-exported sugar to China. However, sugar prices fell steeply in 2017 after a ban on re-exporting to China led to sugar traders releasing the stocks into the domestic market. Prices have since stabilized as the glut lessened, and a number of domestic businesses have started producing sugar for local consumption. On the other hand, sugar cane cultivation faces internal competition from alternative crops and external competition from Thailand and India.


  • Supporting the Myanmar Sugar and Sugarcane Related Manufacturers’ Association (MSMA) with advocacy on Sugar Industrial Competitiveness Promotion Bill and inclusion of responsible investment in the sugar sector.

  • Gathering information on how to diversify export markets from China to new markets in ASEAN and South Asia.

WG Leads:

  • Wilmar Myanmar

  • Myanmar Sugar and Sugar Related Products Merchants and Manufacturer’s Association (MSMA)


  • Agri First

  • Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)

  • Coca-Cola Myanmar

  • Super One Group of Companies

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