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What We Do

The Myanmar Agriculture Network (MAN) is a unique multi-stakeholder partnership platform that brings together companies, civil society organizations, farmer groups, and financial institutions to:


(1) improve the competitiveness of Myanmar’s agricultural sector and 


(2) increase the profitability, productivity and environmental sustainability of Myanmar’s farmers.

To date, MAN
has reached

382,942 farmers through the activities of its Working Groups

MAN does this by:

  • Prompting sectoral or market systems transformation through its Working Groups

  • Building support for sustainable and pro-smallholder agricultural development

  • Delivering learning and advisory for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), entrepreneurs and farmer organizations

  • Acting as an inclusive platform for networking and information exchange

MAN is guided by four operating principles:

  • Smallholder-focused, keeping the farmer at the center of all initiatives and investments.

  • Country-led and locally-driven, owned by stakeholders and aligned with national plans, strategies, and goals.

  • Multi-stakeholder and inclusive, engaging private sector, international organizations, civil society, farmer organizations, and others.

  • Market-based, focusing on catalyzing and expanding sustainable, inclusive investments and market-based activities.

MAN does not:

  • Endorse or promote any specific companies, products or programs

  • Favor any organizations in the market or in other competitive spaces

  • Advocate for any special interests, with the exception of Myanmar’s smallholder farmers

MAN is the Myanmar Country Partnership of the Grow Asia network, with counterpart Country Partnerships in:

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