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Working Groups

MAN’s Working Groups are voluntary groups of organizations from various sectors which operate within agriculture value chains. The organizations have an interest in contributing to sustainable and inclusive agriculture transformation in Myanmar.

The Working Groups identify opportunities to make value chains more inclusive and co-develop projects which benefit smallholder farmers.

At the field level, Working Group partners typically co-design, co-implement, and co-fund direct interventions along the value chain that benefit smallholders.


Examples at various phases of the value chain include:




Improving access to quality seeds, crop protection, irrigation, and fertilizers.

Knowledge transfer and farmer training and capacity building that can empower decision-making and improve productivity.

Identifying market opportunities
(both domestic and export) or encouraging value-adding activities to improve profitability of smallholders

At the national level, Working Groups are also involved in sectoral coordination on policy, national roadmaps, financing, market issues, and other shared challenges for their industry. Sectoral approaches increasingly feature in MAN and Grow Asia activities, as an important pathway to achieve scale.

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