Regional News Roundup


Japanese offer tech expertise to help farmers

Cambodia and Japan have agreed to work together developing the Kingdom’s tourism sector with a focus on attracting visitors to farms and selling them locally grown produce. Japanese Embassy’s Deputy Chief of Mission said the Kingdom’s agricultural sector has a lot of potential to create jobs, generate income, train farm workers and utilise Japanese agricultural technology.

Agricultural exports rise 87% in first seven months despite rice shipment drop

Cambodia exported nearly $3 billion worth of agricultural products in the first seven months of the year, a rise of more than 87% over the same period in 2020. Rice exports were not part of the good news however as shipments of that commodity dropped more than 27% due to lack of suitable containers and rising shipping costs. Cambodia’s fruit exports have gone from strength to strength following the approval of more fruit shipments to China following last year’s free trade agreement.

Australian organic enterprise to offer Cambodian farmers overseas training experience

An Australian organic farming firm is offering jobs to Cambodians. Working overseas would teach the Kingdom’s farmers about modern agricultural techniques, the Agriculture Minister said. This would benefit Cambodia because they would bring back valuable knowledge and experience to develop the agricultural sector in the future, he said.

EU and UNIDO to support fisheries sector

With support of the European Union (EU), the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture’s Fisheries Administration (FiA) launched a Value Chain Investment Support (VCIS) programme yesterday aiming to support Cambodia’s small, medium and large enterprises in post-harvest fisheries. VCIS provides both finance and non-financial support to Cambodian entrepreneurs, especially women and youth-owned businesses in post-harvest fisheries.


‘PNG Needs Direct Market Link’: Simon

Papua New Guinea has some of the best and quality products but having direct link to overseas market is an issue. The Agriculture and Livestock Minister said this while challenging the commodity boards, industries and relevant authorities to step up their efforts to ensure PNG products are sold directly to the international market. He said those in the middle are making more money than the actual famers.


‘Metro Mark’ McGowan risks exports, farmers say

Farmers say the West Australian government has put in doubt key agricultural exports and insulted an important regional ally by changing the rules for cargo ships without first consulting counterparts in Indonesia. Under the new regime, ships will not be allowed to berth in the state if they have taken on crew in Indonesia. The CEO of the WA Farmers Federation said the Premier and his senior bureaucrats should have “at least picked up the phone to the Indonesian Ambassador in Canberra or the Consul General in Perth for a discussion as to how the community safety could be protected whilst still loading our ships with grain and cattle which Indonesia needs to feed their people”.

Indonesia’s agriculture remains resilient amid COVID-19 pandemic

Agricultural sector of Indonesia has maintained stable growth during the COVID-19 pandemic, accounting for 2.95% of the country’s GDP. The pandemic has raised challenges related to poverty, unemployment, inequality, and affected food security, Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs said. The Indonesian government has swiftly implemented agricultural development programmes to ensure food security and improve incomes for farmers and fishermen.